FXTM Indonesia deposit methods

Complete the Fund Deposit form on MyFXTM and confirm the payment.

You will then redirected to your online banking environment in your country, from where you will need to log in.

FXTM Indonesia deposit methods1


Fill in the payment.

Provide a screenshot of your transfer at your bank that contains your full name, the bank account number used for your deposit process, and the transaction made with FXTM.

Important information

When you make your deposit FXTM, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Payments from third parties are not accepted and are prohibited. The name of the sender of the application must be the same as that of the person registered with FXTM Indonesia.

  • All transactions sent in a currency other than your account currency will be automatically converted at FXTM exchange rate.

  • In case of successful deposit in the shortest possible time, the funds will be credited to your active account. Also, there may be a delay. It can happen if the FXTM resource is unable to verify your information correctly by finding inconsistencies in the data.

  • If you want to deposit FXTM a currency that is not supported by the trader's company, your deposit will convert into any other money that the company supports. You will need to choose this currency yourself, based on the table of available funds. Your provider may charge a conversion fee, which is worth checking on the official resource page.

  • If your account and deposit FXTM have different currencies, the transaction will be subject to conversion, and you may be charged.

  • There is no Forextime minimum deposit amount per transaction. The maximum deposit amount per transaction must be confirmed with your bank.

The most popular FXTM deposit methods

  • FasaPay;

  • Turkish Local Transfers;

  • African Local Solutions;

  • Ghanan Local Transfers;

  • TC Payment;

  • Algerian Local Transfers.

Pay attention!

ForexTime (FXTM) offers the ability to perform local IDR translations quickly and affordably. You can deposit Forextime to your trading account through an online Forex Manager.

ForexTime (FXTM) trading accounts will only open in EUR/USD. You will be charged a conversion fee from Forex Online Changer, so please confirm the current rate with them.

ForexTime (FXTM) will not charge any commission and will deposit the net amount received into your account.

When a trade is completed, ForexTime (FXTM) transfers funds to your account after receiving them. The processing time is usually one business day. The delay caused if the bank or ForexTime (FXTM) has difficulty checking your information. Please keep your payment confirmation so that we can check all the details if necessary.

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Funds deposited by local transfer can be withdrawn to any bank account in your name also via Forex Online Changer.

FXTM Indonesia deposit methods2


You can only withdraw your initial deposit to the same bank account that initially used for the deposit.

If you transfer funds via Forex Online Changer, please be prepared to provide proof of payment:

If funds have been transferred from your bank account, you can give a bank statement or a screenshot of your online banking.

If funds have been transferred from a bank teller, you may ask the teller to provide you with any confirmation of payment made, such as a receipt, cashier, etc.

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